Fitted Electric and Dual Fuel

This section contains a range of elements with price supplements for electric and dual fuel models. Please add the price of your element to the model you choose and we will build it for you.

Standard Element IP55 Code EE002
A benchmark element to suit each size of product.
 Electric Only            Dual Fuel


Electronique Element IP66 Code EE001A
Maintains surface temperature of product to 52 °C.
 e s Electric Only                  d s Dual Fuel

Heat Sensor Element IPX5 Code EE006
An electronic temperature sensor control.
  e s Electric Only             d s Dual Fuel


Remote Controlled Heat Element IPX4 Code EE005
NTC – Negative Temperature Coefficient technology. Remote controlled programmable element for adjustable temperature control.
   e s Electric Only                  d s Dual Fuel

Fixed Heat / LST Electronique Element IP55 Code EE001C
Ideal for LST applications where surface temperatures need to be guaranteed.
 e s Electric Only             


Dual fuel models will also be supplied with a conversion tee where applicable. This can be used with VL013 valves for a mulitrail. Alternatively to a conversion tee dual fuel valves VL015 can be used.

All the images of elements depict electric only versions. Dual fuel configurations may vary including element positioning. The appropriate standard versions will be supplied in all cases unless advised otherwise.
Electric towel rails are filled with a glycol ethylene / water mix to strict guidelines. This improves the thermal transfer rate and acts as a corrosion inhibitor.
All electric and dual fuel towel rails must be fitted by a qualified person.
The elements are fitted on the right hand side as standard. They can be left hand mounted on request, on certain rails only.

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