Construction Product Regulations (CPR)

In compliance with the above, Vogue UK LTD (The company) holds declaration of Performance Certificates (DoPs) for all products covered by the Harmonised Standard EN442.1 / 2. Copies of relevant certificates are available on request.
Product with a declared heat output of 200Watt or less 50 degree C Detla T are not classified by The company as heating appliances and are therefore not covered by the above. All individually manufactured bespoke products are similarly exempted from the above legislation.

ISO 9001:2015 certified

Vogue (UK) is proud to be ISO 9001: 2015 certified. Quality is utmost in importance to our organization, in both the products and services we provide our customers. Reflecting this commitment, Vogue (UK) implemented and received certification of our Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
Where applicable product within this publication has undergone independent testing to verify heat outputs are in accordance with the parameters laid down in the above European standards. Some products at the time of print may be awaiting confirmation.


Vogue UK is a vibrant organisation with research being conducted in many technology disciplines. This research results in exciting products as evidenced throughout the design collections we offer. Vogue UK has set itself a clear objective: both through consistent preservation and long tradition of British craftsmanship and meeting its high standards, as well as creating, with its very own innovative heating developments, contemporary design and a heightened passion for detail and perfection.

Those who appreciate lasting value derived from the synergy of traditional craftsmanship, creative development and the latest technology, as well as dedication in seeking the extraordinary know not to entrust any towel rail design but rather to a design crafted from Vogue (UK). Vogue UK emphasises its creative drive to differentiate its towel rail designs down to the finest detail and its desire to monitor, to the greatest possible extent, the development and manufacture of a hand crafted product. We use the latest technology to produce low-volume individual parts with high added value continuously offering home interiors and connoisseurs of design new, impressive towel rail models.


Vogue UK has a legacy of core values, rooted strongly in safety, health and environmental stewardship. For over 30 years, we have been reducing the environmental footprint of our own operations. Today, footprint reduction is expected of all companies. The challenge – and the opportunity – are products and manufacturing processes that are safer, less toxic, more energy efficient, use less water, less energy, and produce fewer greenhouse gases. Running our company in an environmentally friendly way is good for the environment and good for our business. We’re working to conserve energy and reduce waste and are exploring the use of sustainable materials and products. Whether we’re saving costs by reducing energy consumption or creating covetable products through innovative, sustainable design, we believe that reducing our impact on the environment can also result in positive business benefits.

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