Find The Right Heating Design For You

Find The Right Heating Design For You

Radiator design in 2022 continues to evolve so that you can pick and choose from eco-luxe aluminium options, which are both sustainable and excellent at retaining heat, as well as the latest floating bar ‘hidden heating’ concepts for a contemporary, high-fashion bathroom look.

Quality raw materials are therefore centre stage in heating design, with different options influencing the performance of your radiator. Stainless steel and brass are incredibly versatile and durable, enabling them to be installed on any hot water or central heating system. Plus, stainless steel can be polished, brushed or painted and brass is available in brushed, plated and painted, which means the finished look can be customised according to your personal taste.

Similarly, we are finding that interest in aluminium heaters is growing rapidly, as they use a very low water content, warming up quickly and reducing energy use. As well as being an eco-friendly metal, aluminium is renowned for its ability to conduct heat rapidly, which ensures your radiator will heat up quickly and easily to save you both time and money. A greener alternative to designs in brass and steel, aluminium is regarded as one of the most sustainable materials in the world.

Given the rich variety of housing stock in the UK, make sure you consider the extensive range of wall-hung radiator designs in order to suit your personal taste and style of property. With fewer walls and larger bathroom spaces to heat, both the power and placement of radiators is increasingly important. A new generation of vertical radiators is well placed to capitalise on space, as well as beat cold spots and draughts with a minimum footprint and maximum appeal.

Practical, ergonomic and available in a myriad of design options, the towel warmer has become a must-have in today’s modern and traditional bathrooms, ensuring that you can enjoy a five-star experience at home with soft and dry towels at your convenience after a bath or shower. You can choose from a huge variety of styles and dimensions so that even the largest bath sheets can be dried between uses and help cut down on laundry.

The beauty of a towel warmer is that you will always have a designated place for towels, even in a bijou en suite or downstairs cloakroom, and by making ambient heating available you will reduce the likelihood of mould or mildew developing in a damp environment. You can choose fully electric heating for the ultimate convenience, complete with remote control settings, so your towel warmer can work independently whenever you need it. If you want even more flexibility you can switch between dual fuel options which have the capability to run from a central heating circuit or an electric element: handy in the summer months when the central heating is turned off! Towel warmers can be installed with electric underfloor heating or conventional central heating, so you can create the right ambience for every bathroom in your house.

To help you ascertain the right heat output for your bathroom space, why not check out the Vogue (UK) BTU calculator? You can then the right arrangement without compromising on style or utility!

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