National Radiator Day

National Radiator Day

Experts at Vogue UK gives tips on the best way to keep your radiator happy!

November 1st marks National Radiator Day and it’s also around the time when we are all cracking the heating on as the UK enters its winter months, and with the average UK home having 8 – 10 radiators, we think this common household appliance deserves some recognition!

To celebrate National Radiator Day our expert team at Vogue UK has devised a list of 8 points to ensure your radiator stays as good as new for longer.

Annual servicing!

An annual service, including water analysis, ensures the boiler works efficiently and that the water within the system stays healthy and happy.

Correct settings Used!

Having the correct settings in use ensures the maximum efficiency of the boiler. Please note: always refer to the manufacturer or accredited installer.

Install a filter!

Having a filter like the Magnaclean; will ensure the removal of harmful particulates (magnetite) before entering the boiler. Other magnetic filters work just as well.

Correct Balance!

A correctly balanced heating system ensures the flow of hot water is evenly distributed across all heat emitters.

Air Purge!

All air is purged from the heating system, AKA bleeding the radiators. This should be done when the system is at rest and the temperature in the system is no more than ambient.

No Airflow Restriction!

Ensure the airflow around the radiator is not restricted. All radiators, whether convection style or radiant, need room around them to heat the air and create a fresh flow of air to be heated. Blocking with furniture should be restricted wherever possible.

Open and close the valves!

This will ensure the valves continue to work. When opening and closing a radiator valve, ensure it’s returned to the original setting.

Lastly, Regular Cleaning!

A regular clean will establish the finish stays as bright as if it was new; always refer to the manufacturer for the best cleaning method, as different finishes has different methods. Convection radiators benefit from having clean fins, these can purchase special tools to reach the hard-to-get areas; this has the added benefit of reducing the amount of dust that can be moved around by the airflow.

If you’re unsure on what the best method is to keep your radiator Vogue UK Happy, then email our team on, and they will be more than happy to help!

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